Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cooking on Friday

I realized that shiokara(squid combined with its liver salted and matured) and cream chees really go well with each other! They are nice on simple bread or better with stick vegetables. Try it!


I baked 2 types of bread this morninig. One has roasted cashews and the other one has confied garlic cloves, pickled plums and a little of grated parmesan cheese in it.

今日は朝からパンを焼きました。 ローストカシューナッツ入りと、ニンニクコンフィ、梅干しとパルメザンチーズ入り。

I'm staying at Chie's place in Tokyo. Today her husband Ottotto(I call him like this) was home and we had dinner together.


I made 7 dishes besides bread:

stick vegetables with creamy Bagna cauda sauce, Carpaccio of salmon topped with Rocket salad and lemon and pinenut dressing, Beans salad with colourful dressing, Balsamic flavoured grilled pork, Pasta with tomato, leek and squid, eggplant with tomato flavoured daikon sauce, Cold Soup of tougan.


野菜スティック クリーミーなバーニャカウダソース、鮭のカルパッチョ風は松のみとレモンのドレッシングで和えたセルバチコのサラダと、豆マメサラダのカラフルドレッシング、ポークグリルのバルサミコ風味、烏賊とネギとトマトのパスタ、なすびのトマト風味大根おろしソース、冷たい冬瓜のスープ

We talked a lot and had a good dinner time. He bought Hagen-Dazs icecream for dssert, so we had it after dinner. We were very full but satisfied.

沢山話してなかなか充実したディナータイムでした。 おっとっとはハーゲンダッツをデザートに買ってきてくれていて、食後に頂きました。お腹いっぱい、満足です!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

C'est tres bien!

They are Chie and her mother. I think as if they were my aunti and grand mother!

ちえさんとそのお母さん。 まるで叔母とおばあちゃんのようにおもっています!

A big and red in the bowl in front of them is called Hanasaki crub. Its texture is really soft and it tastes very sweet amd incredably creamy! I loved it!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hope it's sunny tomorrow!!

I made teruterubouzu with Chie's mum today so we can go for a walk tomorrow.

I hope it's sunny tomorrow!




It's third day of staying in Otaru, Hokkaido. It has been raining all day and I stayed home. Actually I stayed with my master Chie (She is also my mum's friend) and her parents. They are very kind to me and so heartful people, which makes me feel myself home and completely relaxed.

小樽へ来て三日目。一日中雨降りだったので,家にいました。家にいましたと言っても、今は私の師匠のチエおばちゃんと、 彼女の両親のお家に滞在させてもらってます。 とてもハートのある素敵な方々で、完全リラックスモード、家にいるような気分にひたっております・・・!

Yesterday, I was talking with Chie about what I want to eat in Hokkaido. I told her that I wanted to have fresh seafood donburi at a market. Then she said "I'll make it for you! It's delicious enough and much cheaper!" And what I wanted came true tonight!

We had such a delicious donburi tonight! It had gorgeous seafood such as sea urchin and crubs generously! It was best one ever!



Chie and her parents are very attractive people. They have so many friends for their nice personalities. They have one guest after another guest each day and interestingly, guests all bring some food for Chie's family with them. Chie cooks those ingredients into whatever deshies she imagines, and what she makes is all really delicious. She shows me how to cook fresh ingredients in Otaru, which is much fun for me.


Hokkaido ほっけぇどう

Im in Otaru in Hokkaido just for a short vacation!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010


This is special sushi for my dad!